San Diego in Home Personal Trainer

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Elena Soltanovskaya - your personal trainer in San Diego

Elena Soltanovskaya – your personal trainer in San Diego

    Specialty -personal  training for seniors and people in 40- 50s.  San Diego in home personal trainer for Seniors and baby boomers is focused on osteoporosis prevention, on improving strength, balance and endurance, so that they enjoy their free time being fit and healthy.  You will improve the range of motion, get more energy, control your weight,  arthritis prevention and pain reduction in the joints.  For clients in their 40s and 50s I offer a variety of strength training routines outdoors. For cardio workouts we will do circuit training,  biking, hiking.  Congratulations  you’re getting ready to be fit. When you call me at 619-322-8551, I will come to your home for  an appointment . It will be friendly, non judgement, a session for your personal fitness  evaluation. This includes: what do you like to do , where do you like to be , what is your favorite way to exercise? There will never be a reason for you to feel overwhelmed by your fitness goals. We will set fitness  goals that can be attained. Then we will work out together in Rancho Bernardo, Rancho Santa Fe.

Why should you hire me?

I have a master”s degree in physical education from Boston University, I am nationally certified as a strength and conditioning coach and I am a former professional track and field athlete.


 We will be working to improve all aspects of fitness in San Diego: coordination, balance, endurance and strength. Our goal will be to improve your health, help you heal old injuries or prevent future problems.

  • To become confident about your body, being pain free – is our task!
  • Training outdoors and at your house. Hikes together as well. 
  • Corrective exercises to improve posture, get rid of muscle imbalances, become fit.Weight loss, strong core, confidence building for  people. 
  • Injury rehabilitation,  strength and endurance recovery after giving birth.

Get your fitness evaluation and start training now!
Fun, challenging all body exercises are offered.
Personal trainer in San Diego changes your exercise routine regularly
to avoid plateau and keep progressing.

Rancho Bernardo senior fitness training can be done in small groups and for 2 or 3 people.

San Diego  in Home Personal Trainer works with specialty groups 

  Personal trainer for children focuses on those kids, who have delayed fitness development or who need to loose weight, improve coordination, strength or learn a new skill.  Elena offers private sessions outdoors or at privacy of your home.   Small children are trained in a fun atmosphere and train while they play.


I believe in your fitness goals!




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